Brandon's first birthday cake!

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Brandon's first birthday cake!

As you may or may not know, one of my other hobbies (besides scrapping!) is cake decorating. Tomorrow Brandon will officially be 1 years old, but since we were up in NY with family over the Thanksgiving holiday, we celebrated it a little early. Check out the pictures of the cake on my blog!!! (I even wiped off the dust from my Cricut!) Wink

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:::Lifting jaw up off floor::::

You need to go into business!! :eek::eek:.


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HOLY MAN ARE YOU GOOD!!! They are all just perfect!!!!

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:eek::eek: you made that?! girl you got talent!! wow that is beautiful!! how do you cut into something so amazing?! i wouldnt want to eat it!!:D

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WOW! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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Your cakes look awesome! Did you make your own fondant? I like to make my boys their birthday cakes but they definitely don't look like that! How do find recipes for the flavors? Again, great job!

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Holy COW!!!!!! That turned out great! And I loooove Cadence's princess castle cake! Will you make me one for my birthday? Biggrin

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Oh my goodness, both of the kids' cakes are awesome. WOW! Did you teach yourself!?!?

(I can't believe Brandon is ONE!)

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LOVE IT! and it sure looks tasty. Smile reading the description had me drooling!!!

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wow :shock: I just make my daughter's 4th birthday cake, complete with homemade fondant, that stuff is evil Lol I had all sorts of trouble, those are awesome!

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My jaw dropped too!!! Wow Linda!!! Those are beautiful, even the smash cake put my birthday cake for Keeran to shame. Smile Wow!!! You are super talented. TFS

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They look amazing! Seriously. I love the princess cake too. I can't believe how great everything looks.

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:Dwowee!!!!:eek::eek::eek: Great work of art!:D