Bridal Shower

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Bridal Shower

I hosted our church's bridal shower for my soon to be SIL.
We did an A-Z shower where each person was given a letter. Their gift and a note of advice had to start with that letter, so I made this book for her so all the notes would be in one place.
It is just a regular composition book that I altered.
FYI: Our church is Immanuel Bible Church (IBC)

inside cover:

The card I gave to her

These are the gifts that I made for her
Pieces of wood (APPROX. 12X12) that I painted black and then mod podged scrapbooking paper onto. The flower cut is from Sweethearts and matched PERFECTLY!!

Vinyl lettering is on the back of the glass as well as the frost. I covered the front matte in scrapbooking paper and cut out the embellishments to cover where I pieced the paper together. I was SOOOO happy with it and she really seemed to like it. This is the saying that she and my brother always use with each other;)

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it's all amazing. Great job!!!

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Wow!!! Those gifts are so cool! That book is so cute, I LOVE it all! You are so creative Lena! TFS

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The ABC's book was a fabulous idea! I'm going to steal that for my sister's baby shower.

I've never cut that image from Sweethearts and I love it! that card is beautiful!!

The framed art is wonderful!

I'm so impressed with everything you made! Wow, she is one lucky bride-to-be!

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How cute! I love the idea of doing an A-Z shower. That is so creative.

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Love it all. the framed art is beautiful!

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Love the gifts! So creative and I love the idea for the book.

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how are you finding the time? that's a lot of good looking gifts! LOVE the wood squares, so pretty. and that book is NEAT! the card is very cool, and the glass looks so nice. they're going to love it all!

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What awesome gifts! The A-Z book is a really cool idea!

Those boards are so pretty. And I LOVE the glass! It's so elegant and pretty, plus personal.

Great job!

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AMAZING work. Seriously. I would love any of those gifts! Those wood pieces are awesome!