Broadening my horizons

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Broadening my horizons

So, I've been at this just a few months now (well, 4 or 5 but not much time to do it so far) and all I've really done is 8x8 albums. They've really been fun and have made great gifts!!

I've been going to Friday night crops at my local scrapbooking store and it's been FANTASTIC. They have a great little lab and let attendees use any and all of the supplies they have there to try out. Last night I worked on a chipboard album in the shape of a car (like this ) that I am going to give Bruce for Christmas (because we've always taken road trips together and just celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the day we met :D). Just let me say OMG what a HUGE amount of work LOL But it's looking amazing and almost ready for pictures! I am so excited! I worked with ink and tea staining for the first time (on the edges) and that was a LOT of fun. I will post pics as soon as he's out of the house long enough for me to take them! I finally feel like I have something worth showing here Wink

I also have two more chipboard albums to make for gifts, but they are nowhere near as complex as all of that cutting I did for this one! Ha! I can't wait to be done. I think he will LOVE it Biggrin

Just wanted to share my excitement!

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that's exciting! I wish I could get out like that, sounds like fun. I can't wait to see the pictures!

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Wow, that looks like it will be really cute. I'm sure he is going to love it. Will you show us pics when you are done?

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I bet your DH is going to just LOVE it! I can't wait to see the pics. I have been trying to do different shaped mini-albums, but mine never turn out real good. :rolleyes:

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how exciting!! and fun
he'll love it
I can't wait to see the finished project

I love those things but they always seem to take for ever to get done

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Oh, I can't wait to see it. Tea staining huh? I haven't done that one yet either.

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That sounds like fun! I can't wait to hear how much he loves it! What a neat idea! Our first crop night is this Friday and I soooo can't wait!