Brooklynn finally did it! OT

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Brooklynn finally did it! OT

I know it is way off topic but I'm just so happy and so I wanted to share with all of you. When Brooklynn woke up Sunday I took her to the potty, she went, and then put on big girl panties. Well that day was a little rough but she was getting the hang of it. On Monday she had one accident but did great the rest of the day. She asn't had an accident since!!!! I'm just amazed at how well she is doing. She just acts like she's been doing this for years! She doesn't even tell us most the time, she just goes in and does her business. I'm so proud!

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Yeah Brooklyn! How old is she? Karl just turned two and he likes to sit on his potty all the time, but he'll only pee on it once a week.

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She is 2yrs 8mos. I was beginning to think she was never going to do it! LOL

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way to go! i knew you are happy to not have to change dipes anymore!

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That is exciting! Go Brooklynn!

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that's awesome!!!!!

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That is very cool!! Great job!

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So jealous here!! I wish G-man would do that. I still think he'll be 5 and in diapers!! LOL

Congrats Shelly and WTG Brooklyn!!

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very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

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