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Bummed ...

So you know how I was supposed to be getting published 3 times in December? Now it's only going to be once. They never got my pages I sent to them (2 months ago) and yesterday I got an urgent email from the publisher asking (once again according to them) for a particular page- so I sent it and asked if she needed the other 2 as well, which she knew nothing about. I sent those as well and she emailed back saying she went thru both magazines (it was for 2 separate editions) and she just couldn't get them to fit. So that sucks!

Guess I need to request a read receipt when I send pages in!

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that sucks!! sorry that happened Sad there will be many more times you will be published..right?? Wink

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well that does stink!

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what a bummer! Especially since it was on their end. Sad

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Oh no! I'm sure you'll be published a LOT more though!

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What a bummer! Atleast you will still be published though Smile

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Thanks girls! I was just bummed Smile

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I'm sorry you didn't get all 3 in, but congrats on the page you are getting published! That's awesome!

I would love to get published...I don't even know how!

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That really stinks Sad

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Computer glitches suck!!! LOL Sorry to hear that Trina...I can understand your feelings.

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Sorry. You DESERVE to be published.

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Sorry that all three are not going to be in but at least you are having one published.

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Definitely do the receipt thing from now on. That's just WRONG!

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oh, that sucks! wonder why they didn't get it the first time? insanity!

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That really stinks, I am so sorry!