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Bummed (OT, XP)

Not moving Sad

The deal fell thru on our house, as the people who were buying our house couldn't get their poop in a group. Their conditions had to be removed by last Thursday and they kept stalling and pushing it back, and today we found out we lost the house we were trying to get because our financing wouldn't be approved without us selling our house. And then today our realtor told the other guys to go to hell for wasting THREE WEEKS of our time. Our house hasn't been shown because noone wants to look at a house that already has an offer on it. So tomorrow it's back on the market and we start from scratch. The lady that was trying to buy our house can always submit another offer when she decides to get her stuff together and actually figure out her financing.

Argh! All that stress, for nothing!

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Oh no! I can only imagine how bummed you are. I hope you get another offer in soon. :bighug:

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That really sucks Sad We had a deal fall out in February because the soon to be ex-husband of the owner kept dragging his feet, it's so frustrating!!! I hope you can find another buyer soon!

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House buying/selling is so stressful. Over here in the states, financing is such a bear right now. People who have great credit are just being drug through the mud during even refinancing. It's a mess. I wish you the best of luck on this next go round girl!

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:bigarmhug: That stinks! I am so sorry. I hope things start to look up soon. Praying for you hon.

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sorry they wasted your time Sad hopefully it sells quick this time around!

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That stinks! Hopefully you'll find everything works out perfectly this next time around.

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That sucks! I wonder what issues the lady is having with her financing. Maybe she is contingent on her house selling before she can get yours? I don't know. I'm very sorry that your time was wasted and you have to endure showings again. Hopefully you will get a great offer very quickly.

This story is making me nervous because we are about to start looking at houses to buy here and everything seems to be a short sale or foreclosure. We have a deadline that we must close by so most of those are not an option. The market up here seems to be overinflated and everything we can afford is a short sale.

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Trina that really stink! I hope that your house sells fast without any more hassles.

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:bigarmhug: I'm sorry!! I hope it sells fast for you!

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oh, Trina, that BITES! I'm sorry.

Here's the silver lining ... you can do the VC without worrying about packing. Wink I know you'd rather be packing, but at least you can be distracted with us.

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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear things didn't work out. I'm optimistic that you will get it sold... i mean, to have an offer on your house in 1 -2 days is amazing! I bet you will get another offer as soon as it goes back up! Good luck to you!

I know how you feel about the house buying process. We couldn't afford anything but short sales either... we put a bid on a house (short sale) in January and it took almost 3 months to get an answer from the bank. We tried to be patient and even got really close to walking away, but we ended up closing last week... the whole process took 3 1/2 months. You may be able to find pre-approved short-sales, those don't take nearly as long... i hope you are able to find something.

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Thanks Linda! I had never heard of a pre-approved short sale. I'll have to ask my realtor about that.

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"MinaAriel" wrote:

Thanks Linda! I had never heard of a pre-approved short sale. I'll have to ask my realtor about that.

a pre-approved short sale is when someone has put in an offer and walked away before the bank got to it... and the bank approved the offer that the person put it. I was told that ours was basically "pre-approved" but it was not! The listing agent was a huge liar! But anyways, there weren't many of those, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?