a BUNCH of cards

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a BUNCH of cards

These are from a while ago. The ones I did today arent up yet. Alot of these are with fabric that the ladies from church gave me...in a upolstry sample book. They were too cute to throw away, so I tried to get creative and use them here.

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you go girl! you've been holding out on us! these are great. Smile My favorites are baby love and the one with the chick and farm animals - super cute!

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Those are AWESOME!!!! I'll have to steal some of those ideas Smile I absoltely love the turtles and the ducky and the first one with the swirls is totally up my alley!!!!

Great job!

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Very nice!! Your cards are always so nice!

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well, that was Eye Candy!!!

I really love the third card! It's beautiful! wow! They all are. Great work.

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Yes it was eye candy! Great job Zene and TFS!!

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those are great!

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Wow those are all pretty amazing, TFS! I love the second and third ones best I think. You sure have some gorgeous stamps.