busy, busy, busy!

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busy, busy, busy!

During nap-time today I did a few pages. Two are for the challenges.

Just a simple one that didn't take too long-

Here's the one for the "torn edges" challenge!

And the one for the "then & now" challenge!

Thanks for looking!

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Those are sooo darn cute!!! My fave is the bed bug one! I love your use of buttons and seeing the then and now pics is amazing!!!!

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Those are great. I really like the bedbug one. Soooo precious!!

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Beautimous work! Ruthie is such a doll! TFS your pages.

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i absolutely love them.... your pages are always gorgeous

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Awww, I love them. I like the buttons in a circle on that last one, it is different and makes it really cute.

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Beautiful pages!!! You did such a great job with those! (I wish I could get ONE done during her naptime!) Smile

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oh, you HAVE been busy! love the then and now, that's so cute! and the buttons are great.

it's also neat seeing Ruthie as a tiny babe in those pictures. Wink

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Cute, I love the one with the buttons!!!

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You are always so creative. I am still afraid to use torn paper but you make it look so good.