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It's a long weekend here and we are heading out this afternoon to the inlaws. Wish us luck, it's an 8 hour drive (with a 2 year old). SIL lives half way, we're going to try and get there tonight as long as dh feels ok after his tooth extraction this afternoon. I'll have internet access and may be able to check in, but no scrapping for me! At least I'll get tons of pics to scrap! Smile

I'll be back Tuesday Smile You didn't think I was leaving you forever did you? Wink

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I was hoping it was just for a vacation! I hope you enjoy yourselves even though DH won't be feeling 100%. Be careful and enjoy yourselves!

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Have a good time, and drive safely!

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Have a safe, fun trip

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Don't scare us like that! haha.. have a great time!

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I'm with Linda here...don't scare us like that!! "Bye"!! Yikes, I thought you were leaving us. (You DO know we'd hunt you down and lock you up in a room with just a computer if you were to leave us right?!) Wink

Have a safe, fun trip girl!