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C&C needed

I haven't glues anything down yet because it just isn't feeling complete yet.
LOVE is from a wedding card we were given.
Red underneath is the scrap from another card I made today.
Black is from a page separator.
Ric-rac is leftover from an arts and craft project with the kids.
Roses are a piece of wrapping paper.
Heart is from a bunch of embellishments my hubby bought for me years and year ago.

Am I trying to hard? Maybe some red under the heart? What shape then? Add something else?

Your opinions would be appreciated.

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Awe man Im not good at this... Maybe mount the heart on a red square? Do you have a different colored ribbon? Im not feeling that one as much.

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Maybe a red ribbon in place of the ric rac and a red square under the heart? I dunno. I actually like it how it is, but if you don't feel like it's done maybe you could try that. If I had in front of me I'd try a hundred things till I figured out what I like best. I'm no good at virtual c&c!

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I think it looks nice!

But I also like the idea of a red square behind the heart. I dig the ric rack!

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I'm agreeing with the others...before I even read your comment or theirs' the only thing I thought it might could use would be a red square underneath the heart. That will make it pop!

It's so pretty though!

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I was going to say red under the heart too! I think a splash of color will look really good on that side of the page.

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I don't really do cards, but what the others say makes sense - a pop of color to tie it all in a bit would be nice!

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I think you are making a beautiful card. Can't wait to see it finished.

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It already looks great but yep a red square under the heart would look awesome. WTG Biggrin