Cake creations (pics)

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Cake creations (pics)

I've been spending may more time on cakes than I have on scrapbooking lately.... the good thing is that I'm getting some extra money - but the bad thing is that I'm getting so behind on my scrapping (especially my Project 365!). Anyways, I thought I'd share my cakes here since I know you ladies like to see my creations... I really want to try cutting out designs with my cricut to put on the cakes... i just have to buy a deep housing unit... someday. Smile Enjoy!

This first one is a Toy Story cake made for my hubby's coworker's son who just turned 3.

The next one is a veggie tales/larry boy cake I made for a friend who has 2 boys who were celebrating their birthday together. I tried my hand at making the characters out of gumpaste and fondant... and was pretty happy with the result, even though they have some cracks... i gotta start using modeling chocolate... I look forward to doing this sort of thing more often!

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Oh my! Those are fantastic! I only wish I could do something like that! Well done!

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Those cakes are truly amazing. You are very talented at it!

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My kids would flip over the Veggie Tales cake. They are both amazing though!

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Those are awesome!

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Wow. Just wow!!!

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Very cute cakes!!! I took decorating classes before DD turned 1 but she's the only one I bake for.

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Holy moly!!! My son would flip over the Toy Story cake. Can I just ask out of curiousity...what does a parent pay you for a cake like that? LOVE them, you are so talented! TFS

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Larry Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both cakes are AWESOME, Linda!!! You really did a fantastic job. And the Veggie Tales characters look terrific. Smile

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Those Veggies look GREAT! Randy's first b-day was a Veggie Tales theme! Too cute! You are doing amazing work!

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Thanks Ladies!

I have a base price list on my website and then it depends on what else they are interested in having on the cake. I was kind of irritated with my husband with the toy story cake because he told his coworker that he would give him a "deal." I was like.. EXCUSE ME? I'm the one that does most of the work, puts in the most time, and I don't even give people I know a "deal" because i put so many man hours into doing these.

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those came out awesome!!!

when i made X's toy story cake for his birthday this year I used the plastic figures as well.. no thanks for modeling those dudes outta chocolate lol

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WOW! Such talent!!!

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:eek: Holy moly!! These are both soooo cute!!!!!!!!

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Those are aweome! You are very talented!

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Wow those are amazing Linda I love them both. I need to start working with fondant before DS's second bday. You have inspired me.

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your work is so awesome! i wish you lived near me...i would get a cake from you instead of fighting with cakes every year Lol

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Excellent work! I wish you could do my daughter's birthday cake next month. We are going for a Tinkerbell theme. Biggrin