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Cake Cricut

I know you gals were talking about the cricut that can cut out cake/fondant materials. Well imagine my surprise when a contestant pulled one out on Ultimate Cake Off. You can watch the episode online even.

Just thought I'd share. Smile

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Yeah, I think the idea is pretty cool. The judges didn't seem happy about using the machine but they don't blink when someone uses cookie cutters.

There is some controversy surrounding the idea of the Cricut Cake. It is being alledged that the idea and modifications were stolen from a Cricut messageboard member. She made a presentation to Provo Craft but refused their contract. She didn't get a patent so PC was able to work around her so she is now getting nothing for her ideas.

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REally? I'm going to have to watch that!! So cool! And i didn't think it was available yet? Guess they gave Food Network extra priviledges? Wink What good advertisement!!
Too bad about the girl from the messageboards though...hope that's not true. Sad

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Charys - I don't think it is available yet. I watched that episode and I think it was the E not the new cricut cake...but she was using the E for cake decorating.

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I'll have to watch that later. I'm dying to try it!!! I would love to add that to my bag of tricks!