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Cake (OT) (xp)

i think most of you probably saw this on FB but im really proud of it so wanted to post it here as well!!!

My moms birthday cake. i wanted to make a Halloween Carousel.:

Oh and more on topic lol. now that my computer is fixed.... i cant wait to scrap this years apple picking page!!!! Biggrin hehehe

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oh my gosh!!! that's incredible!!!! do you make cakes often?

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That is awesome, Beckie! I am especilly impressed because I made cakes for my kids' birthdays last year and it was A LOT harder than I thought it would be! Let's just say that this turned out slightly more professional looking than mine! Lol

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Wow Beckie!!! That is amazing!! Love everything about it. TFS

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that is awesome!!

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Oh, and can I just say that in the first pic the way your knives are positioned behind the cake at first glance I thought you had a knife sticking out of the cake, scary movie style! I thought you were going with the dark side of the whole Halloween theme! Lol

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That cake is amazing. Great job.

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Wow, that's awesome! I couldn't even begin to imagine how to do that!

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That is adorable and now I am hungry!

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You did an amazing job!

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Wow! That is really awesome!

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that's too cool Biggrin I am so in awe of people who can make cakes. I always have great ambitions for them and then end up doing cupcakes with sprinkles. LOL

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That is really awesome! Great job!

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Awesome cake!!! Way to go, that is so impressive.

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Beckie, I'm so glad you posted this on here cause I didn't see it on FB. It's amazing.

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great job!

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That is awesome!

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that cake ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great job! I never thought of using a tier. I made a carousel for TJ's birthday last year but had to use a paper top. Yours is much cooler.