Can someone lend me...

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Can someone lend me...

some scrapping time, please??? Ugh! So many ideas, so little time. Right now I should be in bed - getting sick and all - but here I am, looking at pages to lift and scouring for freebies. *sigh* Anyone care to lend me some time? I'll pay it back when the girls go to college, I promise! Wink

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I feel the same way. My birthday is this month, and when my family asks me what I want as a gift, "time" comes to mind. However, I know I will never get it because unless my entire family leaves my house and the laundry fairy comes to take care of that, I won't get the time for scrapping.

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I completely understand. I have four calendars to make for Christmas presents and i have not even ordered the pictures yet. I am so far behind.

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I am starting to FINALLY get a bit of a handle on my time, right now at least. Smile It changes so quickly though. Hope you get some of it soon girl.

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Oh man, if there's some spare time leftover please share with me too. Wink I'm in the same boat. Tons of ideas...absolutely no time.

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I totally understand where you are at. Randall's starting to work a few nights, & I think I might get some done then....MIGHT!