Can someone please help me explain...?

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Can someone please help me explain...?

What the cricut is? what the gypsy is? and why its a good idea to get one?

I have realized after my first crop that I need to have this!

Help me to convince DH that I have to have it!!!

(and ROFL he just read this over my shoulder) :shrugs:
maybe thats a start?

Do they ever come up for cheap on ebay/cragislist whatever?

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The best way to illustrate what the Cricut does is to have him watch a bit of the infomercial. Ebay can offer some great deals and occassionally some place online will have them for a good price. I got the big Expression sized Cricut for $188 and 2 carts on Black Friday. I think the average now is around $200 and more if it comes with more carts. If you join the messageboard, you will see examples of everything that you can create with the Cricut. You will also see all kinds of things you can buy to supplement your scrapbooking or card making. The girls there are really good about showing alll the things you can spend your money on but they also find some fabulous deals. Just be patient and be really sure you want what you are getting.

As far as the Gypsy, I don't have one and it will probably be a few years, if ever, before I get one so I can't help you there.

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you can find videos on youtube too. seeing it in action is the best way to explain it. but I remember having to have it after I used it at a crop. Smile Now I can't live without it!

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ditto what the other ladies said. you can find them on sale on some of the websites that sell them (, also. The only thing to add, is that you can find a Gypsy on sale but not used...once someone loads their cartridges on it, the cartridges can't be loaded on I doubt anyone would get rid of one, unless they hadn't loaded any cartridges on it yet. Check out too, in addition to searching some youtube videos.

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Good luck!!

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Ebay does have the Expression for $199 with free shipping if you're watching. Can also get a gypsy for as low as $105-$130 with free shipping as well if the timing is right. DH was gonna surprise me last week with one until he saw I went shopping at Archivers, hahahaha! ROFL Now I need to wait a few weeks he said. :confused: But if you're going for it, make sure you also get the Design Studio program which allows you to manipulate the cartridges. I'm looking at getting that as well very soon.

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so the gypsy is not needed then? Until this past weekend i thought the gypsy had a small cutting mechanism or something in it LOL....

But yes seeing it in action at the crop has definitely spurred this on...

Can you use one with any graphic? or do you HAVE to buy the cartridges?

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you can buy the Sure Cuts a Lot software, and then you won't need cartridges. But using it voids the warranty on the machine. I didn't start using SCAL until after the warranty expired on mine. My challenge with SCAL is searching for the right cuts. So having the cartridges saves a ton of time if there are particular things you cut. As far as fonts though, SCAL is the way to go. Wink

I don't have a gypsy, you don't need that at all really.

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You've gotten a LOT of advice so far. My DH bought mine for me as a suprise after I kept talking about how the girls on here had such nice LOs done with cuts off the Cricut machine. Smile So show him some stuff we've done. Smile

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I have a Cricut Create...haven't used it a lot yet...I don't have the space to set it up (or the time to sit down and use it!) but I got it with a cartridge at Big Lots for $100.00 the day after Thanksgiving.

I do more digital than paper scrapping, but if you do paper then I definitely think it is a necessity!! :goodluck: