Can we say preggo brain? A horror story. XP

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Can we say preggo brain? A horror story. XP

Oh my goodness girls, you will NOT believe what boneheaded thing I did today.

I RAN OUT OF GAS in the middle of a 400 mile trip ALONE with my 6 year old, 4 year old and 16 month old.

I was waiting until LaCrosse to get gas because the stations close to MN have MN prices (which are close to $.20 CHEAPER then WI prices at some stations). Well, the older two kids played tag team "I have to go potty" today. We were stopping every hour or more (which is really unheard of for them, and they went a LOT each time, both of them, every stop so I don't know what was up). I was in a brain fog anyways and having trouble waking up, so when we hit construction and then Katie fell asleep, I totally forgot I was pushing the tank further then I usually do when traveling alone and enjoyed the cushion of silence for traveling.

We get into Minnesota on I-90 and past Nodine and then you enter a no-mans land where there are exits only every 10-15 miles and a lot of them are no service exits. I drove past the Winona exit because I had 25 miles left on the tank and didn't know how far off the highway it was to Winona. Figured for sure I'd hit SOMETHING in 25 miles. (Note, I've driven this route probably near a HUNDRED times so you'd think I'd know) Next exit, nothing as far as the eye can see- and from experience I know not to get off and try it- I'm better off hitting the next exit. Then we're in construction again. I decide that no matter what the next exit is, I'm getting off, because if my van dies, I don't want it to be on I-90 in the middle of a one lane construction zone. Pull off with 11 miles left on the tank and a sign for a town 10 miles away.

Make it to the town and follow the traffic flow and NOTHING. I can't find a station anywhere. I decide then to turn around and see how close I can make it to a church I saw with people around. I was literally on "0 miles left" then but I didn't want to be in the deserted downtown that only had a few scary looking men. I don't know how I made it back to the church, but I did and my car died right as I parked it in the first available spot!

I get the kids out of the van and hike about a 1/4 of a mile down this gravel road where I see attendants. Turns out the church was having a free music festival. Ask for help from the attendant and he calls his wife to get the gas can from their house and bring it over. He says it will be like 15 minutes, which is totally fine since I'm the idiot who needs a gallon of gas to make it to a station.

Well it was like 85 degrees out and humid and BRIGHT. My kids and I are all redheads and I had already disclosed that I was pregnant and traveling alone because I was DESPERATE. I know my oldest and youngest start to get red in the face, but then he looks over at me and practically yells at me "Will you PLEASE stop scaring me and go sit in the shade?!?!?!" I must have looked horrible! LOL

So we go and hang out in the cemetery under some trees and the next thing I know there's an older gentleman next to me saying we can walk to my van because he lives 1/2 a block from the church and his son is bringing over some gas. It seriously seemed like a blink to me! So I start chatting with him trying to glean any information I can from him because, like the attendant, he refuses to let me pay him at LEAST for the gas. Get a name really quickly and directions to the gas station (other end of town).

Get gas, get the kid's cooled off and their cups refilled and buy them some candy. Ask the gas station attendant for a phone book and find the address for the gentleman who helped me by piecing things together. I'm going to send a thank you at least to him and ask him to pass it on to the attendant too. (Totally need ideas at this point!)

Felt horrible for delaying the kids and making them have to be in the van so much extra so I bought them an early dinner from McDonalds. 2 meals at McDonald's today... I feel so icky even as they're elated. More calories then I needed but I needed to eat something, icky or not. I'm so done with fast food for a long time! I'm totally not letting the tank go below a half the rest of this pregnancy either! Preggo brain has hit me harder then ever this time.

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Wow!! that's quite the story!!! I'm glad it all worked out in the end though! I have never run out of gas and I don't plan to. You never know what's out there, but thankfully you found some really great people to help you out!

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I am so glad you were close enough to that church and their festival. And it's good that you're safe and the van has gas now. That's so nice of you to make thank yous.

When I was a teenager, I ran out of gas on my way home. I walked to the nearest house, and the nice older guy who lived there took care of me. He put several gallons in my car, and said that he would want someone to take care of his son if it ever happened to him. I wrote him a nice thank you note and mailed to him, told him he restored my faith in humanity.

I ran out of gas again (on that same road, no less) and stopped somewhere else for help (the Delaware Association for the Blind, actually) and they wouldn't even let me in to use the phone! They dialed my home phone for me and stretched the phone out the door (back in the days of corded phones :lol:) so I could ask my dad to come help me. ay yi yi

For the record, I didn't have preggo brain, I just had a broken gas gage. ROFL

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I feel like such an idiot. I mean, my dad's a cop, my brother's a cop... it's been DRILLED into my head to know how much your tank holds, keep track, and always refill between 1/4 and 1/2 of a tank on trips, especially when the road isn't as familiar, you're traveling alone, etc. I KNOW all this. Like you said though Gwen, it really restores your faith in humanity, though I walked past a bunch of random people to get to someone older and official looking. He had a Lion's Club vest on. LOL

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Oh gosh, I can totally relate to driving in silence. I probably would not have wanted to stop either. Glad to hear alls well though.

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Overall it sounds like you did the best you could. Nicely done.

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WOW OH WOW!! Glad it all turned out ok and there were nice folks to help you out! PHEW!

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Wow, what a blessing you made it to the church just as your tank ran out! I've ran out of gas as I was literally pulling into a station. My car's gas gage has been broken since I've bought my car so I have ran out of gas THREE times. It's no fun! Sad Glad you were taken care of and GOOD thinking asking for the phone book and writing down the guy's address. That is sweet of you and it'll mean a lot to him when he receives the card.

LOL, Preggo Brain can be such a hateful thing.

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I have also run out of gas 2x no broken gas gauge here I just did not have the money or if I did I would think I could make it . Once I was pulling into a gas station and I ran out so I go in and ask to use a gas can which they said I had to buy. Well this old man comes over and tells me he has a gas can filled. I figure it was safe cause he was like 50 to 60 so I say okay and since Damien was scraeming he fills it for me. So I offer to pay him and he is like no way so okay I say thanks so much and he is like. Yeah, I work in the pit at the races and you should come down sometime and have a drink with me. CREEPER!!!! I was like thanks but I am mormon and it is against my religion to drink. I did not want to tell him off after helping me but come on now! The mormon thing was the first thing that came to my head as I really was raised mormon. Then I go in to pay after pulling to the tank and pumping and I only have 100$ bills the gal goes do you have anything smaller? I say no and she is like you just ran out of gas with 100's in your pocket. lol ummm yeah.
As for you Mish what a great idea to go to a church. I would have never thought of that. I did not know you were in Wi we should have scrapped together! Smile Oh and boy do I know the construction on 1 90! It is crazy.
Dh bought jazz and I a gps and that thing tells you where the nearest gas station is and everything. I love it cause it saves me lol

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I was only there for one day (2 nights) to get the kids or I would have told you. I have a gps and I looked it up, but my maps and things must be out of date because it certainly didn't show the station I ended up at.

I really need to update the maps and resubscribe to the traffic avoidances for our St. Louis trip.

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Warning: The story I'm about to tell you, does have a cat in it.

I've run out of gas once, I did have a broken gas gage.

It was not fun. Right on the turnpike between two freeways. Ay Yi Yi. The tow truck backed up traffic for miles because he couldn't get into a spot where it wouldn't block traffic. I felt like such a doofus when they told me that. I didn't have a baby at the time, but I was on my way to the Vets with my cat. Luckily, I worked at the mall just down the road. I hitched a ride from a stranger who was on her way to the mall (I know, I was a dumb twenty something). My cell phone wasn't working and I didn't know what else to do). So I called my DH and the tow truck from the mall. Then my girlfriend drove me back to my car to get the cat and she dropped the cat off at home and I stayed to wait for the tow truck. The driver was furious with the dispatch for not telling them that I was in a very dangerous spot. He said he hopes he never has to pick up a car from that spot again.

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that's so crazy. So glad you're okay!:)

I haven't run out of gas yet...but within the past week I have shaved a giant bald spot in my husband's head, left my purse with $300 in cash in it outside our front door for an hour before noticing( :eek: ) , and managed to ruin a tall stack of photos and cards I made by leaving them near my open window when I put the sprinkler on. LOL. I either need to take a pregnancy test myself or give live under a rock for a while and get my marbles back! :rolleyes:

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That reminds me Karen... I need to dig out my confirmation photos. My dad has no sideburns... mom accidentally shaved one off the night before and had to shave off the second one to even it out.

I'm so glad to know I'm not alone on the running out of gas thing. I've never done that before!

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Geesh, sounds like a long day! Sorry I didn't get to this til now. Hope the rest of your trip has been better!

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how in the heck did you not cry the whole time?! maybe im just a baby and would be crying my eyes out!! that is such a fear of mine when im driving long distances! im so glad you found a church and nice people to help you. its nice to know that still we have a few good people left in this world Smile

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I dunno... I kept laughing afterward and almost at points during despite being embarassed. Maybe it's one of those "If I don't laugh, I'll cry" type things.