can't wait for my bday present

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can't wait for my bday present

Okay so my bday isn't until September...but my Mom got me the Graphically Speaking cartridge from AC Moore (they had cricut stuff 50% off so it was the same price as it would have been from Not that I want to wish away the summer, but I want that cart!!!

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LOL She won't give it to you before then? Smile

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it's an awesome cart, you're gonna love it! it's worth the wait ... if your mom won't give it to you early. Wink

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I agree, it won't hurt to have it a little early eh? Wink YAY! You're going to love GS!!!!

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That's cool! But I agree with the others, you need to convince your mom that you need your birthday present now! Smile

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Wow! What a great mom!

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That's really cool! My mom was the one who bought my cricut a few years ago, and she bought it when we were togehter.....and then made me wait an entire month for christmas to come before I could have it LOL

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I am getting ready to go buy a cartridge at AC Moore that I have to wait until Christmas for. Sad I completely understand.

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I thought I replied to this after Trina's reply...something went wrong, apparently. I can probably talk her into giving it to me early. I will see them at the beach in 2 1/2 weeks.

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OOOOHHHH...jealous here! Hope you love it!