Card box (pic heavy)

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Card box (pic heavy)

Dh parent's celebrated their 5oth wedding anniversary over Memorial weekend. I said that I would make a card box and centerpieces for them.
I LOVE how this box turned out! I can't remember exactly where I saw the original idea though:confused:
This is what I started with:

What I ended with:


Close-up of the flowers:

Here are the centerpieces...I made 20!

A couple close-ups.

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wow!!! that box looks AWESOME! and twenty centerpieces?! Where did you find the time?! they look great too. Wink

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That is awesome...lots of hard work I can see. I bet they were so proud of it all.

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They all look fabulous!! Thy must have been really pleased with what you did! Smile

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Wow Lena! That card box is stunning. Love how you showed what you started with. It's really beautiful. And those centerpieces are so cool too! Is that a tractor on one of them? How cool! You are very talented and they are lucky to have you! TFS

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Yes, I did put tractors in some of them. His parents farmed for years so I figured it was very fitting. That is also why I used the metal buckets. I thought they looked more 'farmy'.

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Ack, you're another Super Mommy on here!!!Can you sprinkle some of your super hero dust this way?!! I'd be happy with just a quarter of your super powers. Wink These are so cool!!!!!!! The cake box rocks and loooove your centerpieces.

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love the cetnerpieces and the card box came out AWESOME!!

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wow! everything looks great! those centerpieces are amazing!

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Whoa! I love that! And kudos to you for being so productive... All those centerpieces look great! Smile

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Wowsers! Great job on everything!

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that card box is amazing! I could totally see myself turning that into a real wedding cake! Smile

Wonderful centerpieces as well... and I'm starving.. so I want to reach into my computer screen and grab a handful of reese' peanut butter cups! Smile

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Wow, that was a lot of work! I love the cake box idea, that's really cool!