Card and LO

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Card and LO

Playing with my New Arrival Cart;)

I may be making more of these in pink and silver for my brother's wedding.

I still have to search thru the computer for the dates of these pics.

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Ooooh... I really love the lettering on that! Great job!

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Very Nice!

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very cute!

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Great job!!! I love those duckies and the lettering too!! TFS

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The bath layout is darling! Smile I love that "thank you" cut too...isn't it great?

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Ooooh, I also love the lettering on the LO, love all the bubbles too! Great job!

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Cute! Don't you love that cart?

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the card is cute and how awesome to have customized TY cards for your bro's wedding. The bath time title is soooo cool, I love it. You are doing some really cool things with your cricut!

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I'm digging the font! and I love the duckies, cute layout!

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very nice. Those baby pics are way too cute!