card and lo that I need help with

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card and lo that I need help with

Tyson fell back asleep Smile


This is the card that I made for my x mother in law. I wish I could keep dh but trade my mil in for her. She is the sweetest woman ever. Ist off thanks Andy for the inspo for this card. I think it was you who made the chandelier card. Give me your honest opinions is this card okay cause she is a card maker herself. Another reason I want to do a trade lol.
As for this lo I am stuck. Nothing is glued down and this is just the start. Any idea's???

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That card is amazing! Are the butterflies stickers or did you emboss them?

I like the layout. The only thing that I'm not 100% on is the black brackets. Maybe a different color? I'm not sure what color I would use though, so I am not much help:rolleyes:

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Love the card ...gonna scraplift that Smile

On the layout I feel like the picture is lost in it. Maybe it's the brackets over powering the the picture. I'm not sure.

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The card is fantastic! Just gorgeous!

As far as the layout, it's looking great! I would maybe play with the heart a little. Maybe add some color or edging or something to it. Just a thought.

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Thanks gals, I think I may change the paper for the lo cause the brackets are on the pattern paper and I think that is what is throwing me off.

As for the card so glad you gals like it. The butterflies are stickers but really neat ones Smile
Oh and great idea about the heart.

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I love the card. Definitely play with the heart some more. It needs some color and the picture needs something to make it pop more.

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I agree with the others, the photo needs something to make it pop - maybe a matte? I love the brackets - but the background paper makes the heart look a little lost, too - maybe a different color (similar to the wording?) Or inking it maybe?

I love the card, it is absolutely perfect!

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They're great!

I didn't see any problem with the brackets at all...just thought putting a matte on the photo would be a nice finishing touch. That layout is so precious. I opened this thread, saw the layout, and cried. lol

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Yes, that LO is very moving. You have such a unique way of capturing emotion in your LOs's brilliant. I too think the photo needs to stand out more, but love it just like it is too.

And that card is AMAZING Tia. How can you even think it's not good enough? Silly girl!! I LOVE it!!

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Yeah Tia, the card rocks!!! I wouldn't change a single thing! She's going to love it! wow!

Oh, I mean it's simply awful and you must send it my way. I'll dispose of it for you ok? Wink haha!

The brackets don't throw me at all. Maybe do something to make the photo show up more...a matte or something, but I'm odd ball out here saying I like the brackets.

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wow, that card is beautiful. she will love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here's my thoughts on the layout - I agree that you need to pop the heart more. can you shadow it with a bigger heart in red or something? and I personally think you should go 5x7 on the photo ...