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Card makers...

Where do you get your supplies? I can't seem to find a nice selection of cards (or just plain cardstock with coordination envelopes) to make cards. I've tried all the basics like WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and while they have a few cards, it can hardly be called a "selection"... where are you getting your supplies?? TIA!

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I buy pre-fold cards at Michael's - they have a big selection here, different sizes, colors, etc.

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I buy pre-fold cards at ACMoore but I also cut my own cards too out of cardstock.

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My local scrapbook store has a rather large supply of card supplies. Have you tried staples or office depot? Last time I went in the had a rather large stock of envelopes in all different colors.

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I buy pre-folds at Walmart. (I also cut down regular cardstock to card size). I order paper packs when they are half off from I buy stamps where I find them. I also use colored card stock and just print sayings off my computer. I buy stickers all over, especially when I find them small enough. I buy envelopes from Office Depot (invitation size).

What specifically are you looking for? Card packs where everything coordinates and you just put them together as needed? Card sized supplies? Paper? Glue? Embellishments?

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I buy plan cardstock from Michaels or AC Moore whenever I can get it on sale. I don't think I have ever bought prefolds. I usually just buy 8.5x11 paper and cut it in have and that makes 2cards that fit into a invitation size envelope which I buy plan white ones at office depot or some other office store. Office Deopt is the cheapest around here.

For printed paper I try to hit the sales at Michaels and AC Moore, but usually I just use whatever scrap paper I have from scrapbooking.

I love Stampin Up! paper for stampin on. So I always purchase my white from there. They also have lots of other great card making supplies. (no I am not a demonstrator, although I used to be)
I hope that helps!
"Have Fun making cards!!!"

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Wow, thanks! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough at Michael's. The paper and embellishments I'm good on, it's the actual cards. I will try them again. I think I will probably cut some of my own out of cardstock if I can find someone who has a nice envelope selection. I never thought to look at Office Depot, Staples or Joann! Thanks a lot, girls!

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Also if you have an Archivers near you, they have a nice selection of cards.

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I also cut cardstock, and I get invitation sized envelopes from Walmart. GL!

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I buy the prefolds at Micheals and they are $16 dollars for a hundred.. and there is different colors and sizes as well.