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card sketch ideas

I might be leading a card making craft for a group I am I am looking for some simple yet nice cards or sketches for cards. FYI these are cards that will be sent to military families. I don't know yet if they are "thank you" or just kind of "thinking of you" type cards. Any simple ideas would be appreciated...I was going to check out page maps too. This isn't until the beginning of January, but with the holidays coming up, I want to be on the ball!

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Good luck with the class!

I was going to suggest pagemaps for ideas. They have tons of card sketches.

Are you teaching a new technique? Or are you providing supplies? I would think that might help determine what type of sketch or direction you take.

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Here is the site that I go to. You can go to cards and see 1000's of only card posta. They also have a scrapbooking room post that I love looking at. Hope this helps

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Do you have any set sort of idea? Like Beth's post says, it can help me with which ideas I show you. Smile

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well I found out more about this...these are actually card kits that go to kids whose parents are deployed. so then the kids can send their parent(s) a card for various occasions. each kit containts 8 cards (valentines day, mothers and fathers day, 4th of july, happy bday, etc.). So this will be a little more involved than I thought. I am getting the supplies (with our group's budget) and was going to make an example of each type. If I am feeling ambitious I might have pieces already prepared for them to just assemble (ex. card, patterned paper cut to fit, a shape like a heart for valentines day, and a stamped or printed phrase to glue down). Since there are so many, we are going to have to go simple here.

I am still waiting to hear how many kits our group is supposed to make...hopefully a manageable amount.

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that's such a great thing you're doing. sounds like a lot of work, but totally worth it.

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I'm buying this on Black Friday, but it would work for sketches too (just put paper instead of photos)