A card and some vinyl

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A card and some vinyl

Made this card the other day and thought it turned out really fun!

I saw this saying in a couple different places and just thought that is was too funny. I HAD to put it in my (almost finished) laundry room:D

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That card is so fun! I love it. I need to make some more cards to keep in my stash and that one makes me want to do it now!

I love that saying and it looks good on your wall. I giggled when I saw it.

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cute card! Loving all the bright colours in it Biggrin

LOL @ the vinyl on the wall...so funny...I could never do that in my house though cuz it would get my husband in a frisky mood every time he saw it and that would drive me batty. LOL

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oh, that card is super cute! and I cracked up at your laundry room saying, love it!

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I love the card, it's so fresh! The bird is proper cute Smile

I love how you guys have laundry rooms! That would be so cool, but our houses are too small to accommodate that. The saying is brilliant!

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Adorable card Lena and great vinyl!

Karen, that CRACKS me up. That is soooo what my husband would do too. Smile

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HAHAHAHA!!!!! I sooo love that laundry room saying!!! Biggrin Soooo funny!!

The card is awesome! I love the notebook edge border. Too cool.

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Well it is our laundry room/mudroom where you come in our house. The first thing I made DH do when we moved in was move the washer and dryer up there from the basement!
If you guys want I can post my video tour of it for you even thought it is NOT scrapbooking related.