A card and two WIPs (FINALLY sharing something)

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A card and two WIPs (FINALLY sharing something)

It has been so difficult to get anything done lately. My scrap area is a disaster and filled with 12 packs, laundry and other stuff that shouldn't be there. I need to unpack my travel bags too and get my stuff back in order. Sigh.

Here's a wedding card for my cousin who's getting married next week. Colors are the blue I used, silver and cream. Those silver dots literally took me an hour to get off the sticker sheet, onto tweezers, lined up and placed. So worth it for my cousin though.


Now the WIPs

This is a baptism card. I need to put her name in the upper right hand corner. I need to also glitterize baptism and blessed to make them stand out more.

The card is for my new goddaughter, who was baptized on June 28th. Present still hasn't arrived yet so I don't feel like a TOTAL slacker.

And this is the recipe book I was conscripted into making. I made one for my sister-in-law and she loved it so much she e-mailed the entire family for recipes and said I would make one for our cousin getting married. She just forgot to ask me. LOL So I had paper left in the pack from making hers, but not the stickers for the tabs, etc. I had to improvise. The cardboard that makes the base is thinner and I hand wrote the tabs. It's turning out nice... I just need to figure out how to spice up the inside divider cards. They need something more then just the original sheet of paper. I need to make a "contributed to by" sheet too. Anyone have any ideas for the front cover of the divider tabs?

(There are 4 different designs for the divider tabs)

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And a bonus. My day today... Surviving the rain.
Step 1- Build an ark

Step 2- Round up the animals

Step 3- Brace for the flood

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You did a great job on the cards and the recipe book is too cool! The pics are so cute!

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Great job on the cards - love the silver dots, I wouldn't have had the patience for that. And thsoe pics are tooooooo adorable!

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What a great mom you are! The ark is just perfect! I love how you had them dress up like animals. I can't wait to see that page. Love the cards, where did you get the scalloped circle on the 1st card?

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Beautiful cards and recipe book Michelle! ANd your ark idea is awesome!!

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Love, love, love the 1st card! It's awesome! Great pics of the kids!

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That wedding card is gorgeous! I love the silver dots - even though they took forever!

CUTE pictures! What a fun day!

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great cards! Love the recipe idea. I really like the pictures of the "flood" That would make a great layout!!

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Now I just have to start scrapbooking. LOL
The ark idea actually didn't come to me until after I took the pictures. I was going to take the kids to town just to do something on a gloomy day, but then the rain turned to storms and so that was out. They were getting wild, so I offered to build a tent. They cleaned the living room (can't tell now) for that. They helped with the kitchen for a "real" tent floor. Then they went off on their own and found their animal costumes and settled in watching tv. I thought it was cute so I took pictures. Loading them it just hit me. LOL

Tia- the scalloped circle is a sticker. It was from a wedding pack from Target. More then I usually spend on stickers and such but it was for two very special weddings that I used them.

Thanks gals. I have the dimensions for the recipe book and I have an entire box of those book rings. I'm sure we could work out a trade or something if someone wanted rings to make their own. Smile

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I love the ark pics....those are so fun!

And the cards are beautiful! The wedding card is my fave....the silver dots were well-worth your time. All of them turned out great.

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Love the cookbook!!! I collect cookbooks and that is adorable. Those ark pics are great!!!