Cards and layouts ( pic heavy)

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Cards and layouts ( pic heavy)

I don't think I have already posted any of these, but if I have, I am sorry for the repeats. These are cards and layouts from this April and May.Thanks for looking.

Most of the cards are from cuts in the Silhouette store.

This one is was for Jamie's teacher asst for teacher appreciate day.

This one is the one for his teacher. This is a bad picture. You could see the green through the circles and it wasn't bent in real life.

This was a mothers day card for my mom.

graduation card for my sister

and one for a friend

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Love the mother's day card, "Allie" and "baby Luke" pages! Great job as usual! Smile

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I am so impressed with how much you manage to accomplish with 3 little ones! And they all look great!

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Okay Angie - had to pick my jaw up - seriously?! How the heck do you stay so on top of scrapbooking? I've barely printed 10 pics since V's been born. And they all look great! Love all the cards! I'm very impressed, you must be Super Mom!

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lol, I am far from supermom. I just make a strong point to get at least one layout a week done. If dh is home to help with the kids I aim for two. I pretty much only scrap at night right after Jamie and Allie go to bed. Luke is usually napping then. I give up precious sleep for me time.

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Oh my gosh! These are so amazing! I've been doing a lot of digital scrapbooking right now. I'm on a huge Shutterfly photo book kick at the moment, but I would love to do some more handmade projects as well! What kind of paper do you use? The thank you card has a really nice texture to it.

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thank you

I use a lot of Die Cuts With A View paper or the individual sheets from Hobby Lobby. I also use Bazzill but not often because its too pricey for my budget.

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You are so creative, I just love seeing what you share! Love the train layout the best out of this bunch, but they're all so great! You amaze me... Smile