Cards! (lots of pics)

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Cards! (lots of pics)

Here's some of what I've been up to. I have been bringing a scrapbook bag to work with me and in the hour and a half between when I get off, and the kids get done with school, I work on cards. I average about 2 a day. I'm focusing on a guy's line of cards. I've had several requests for them... both cards for guys and cards from a guy to a guy. I'm really enjoying it... it's like I hit a niche with Christian men's cards.

This is a birthday card for my goddaughter.

Made this one for Josiah's birthday. Had to change the colors on the candle as it was pink. THen I went nuts with stickles. LOL

random birthday card (I wanted to use more from this new stack I had)

Quick thank yous for kindergartners who bought me Christmas gifts.

The mens cards.

(Stamp is from Close to my Heart)

(Stamps are from Our Daily Bread Designs)


Halfway finished card

Thanks for looking!

ETA: Forgot one. Anniversary Card to my hubby for our 9th Anniversary.

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awesome all those patterned papers.

guys cards are so hard for me...I like the color schemes you used!

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Hey Michelle!!! How ya doin??? Glad to see your work, love it as always. They are all great, but you really did hit a niche with the guy cards. They are terrific!!! Love the anniversary card too. So sweet. Happy Anniversary to you!!

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Wow Girl!! The way you did the semi-circle on the 3rd card down is so cool! Did you do that with stickles? I really, really, really love the With God All Things are Possible cards! They are beautiful! TFS

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All those are awesome!! You make great cards! I love them all!

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They are all amazing, love them!

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Really love your cards. That is awesome that you hit a niche with men's cards.

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you have been busy! these really look great. love the super stars, very cute. and I really love Josiah's card, that is terrific!!!