Cards ( pic heavy)

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Cards ( pic heavy)

My mom got me a DCWV patterned paper pack for Christmas and I decided to use the first two sheets ( all of these flower/bird/butterfly images) for cards. I made them all yesterday. I am not obsessed with green as it would seem. I used it for all of them because my stack of green paper has been 3 times as big as all of the other colors for a while now so I figured I should use it up.

I am glad to have a stockpile of cards for when I forget to make one until the last minute :rolleyes::wink:
Thanks for looking :d


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Posts: 2031 have been busy! these are great Smile My fave is the one on the far right of the fourth group down (yellow and pink flower on purple mat)

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I have that pack and those pages have just sat around. What a great idea!

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Those are really cute! Did you say those were the paper or the little pop out things that are sometimes in the paper stack? I love the pink rick rack!

I just realized you are in TN too, what part?

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These were not pop out ones, but they were just on the first two pages. I cut them out because I would never really use them any other way. It looked like this

I am in Riceville, tiny town between Knoxville and Chattanooga.

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oh my goodness, you've been busy. I especially love the ones with the birds. Smile So cute.

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what an awesome batch of cards!! I totally need to do that, to have them ready. Smile

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oh those are great, I am feeling inspired to actually do something after looking on here tonight.

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I got a paper pack this x-mas that is like that. I LOVE it, but wonder what to do with all that beautiful paper. You've inspired me. Your cards are GREAT!!!

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yay for a stockpile of cards! They're all great. I would love to get any of them.

I think you and your Cricut are getting along beautifully, btw! Wink

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Those are so cute! What a great idea for that paper.
I should really work on actually having a stockpile of cards instead of making them as I need them.

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These are great! I need to do the same b/c I am BAD about not making them until the very last minute, and then I am NOT pleased with them.

My favs are the ones with the birds. I am a sucker for birds!

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fantastic cards!!!!

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you were a busy bee!!! they came out great!!! and its always nice to have some cards on hand... i need to do that!

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"coolmama72" wrote:

I totally need to do that, to have them ready. Smile

Exactly what I was thinking!

These are great! And you just reminded me that I've been wanting to get some rick rack! Biggrin

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Holy Moley you've been busy! I really love all the green (lol!) and the flowers are neat!

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Thanks everyone. I told DH I need to get a couple sheets of some kind of masculine paper and do the same with it or all the men we know will be getting birthday cards and fathers day cards with birds and flowers on them Blum 3 too.