Cards, Tags, Help :)

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Cards, Tags, Help :)

We are going to a co-workers wedding on Saturday so I made a card and wanted to share: her colors are red and white

I'm working on getting an etsy store launched so I've made some tags... I'm going to sell them in groups of 3 for at least a $1...still trying to decide if I want to do 3 of the same or 3 different. So here are the first 3 I've made. I've made 3 of each kind. The candy cane one is stickled, and the snowflakes are also stickled. I'm still trying to figure out what to do to spruce up the Joy tag.

Okay I've added Sweet to the candy cane card since it would fit the best and the inside will read Christmas Wishes. (thanks charys) I'm going to switch the stickles on the lettering from every other one in a different stickle to all stickled with red and I went back and stickled the whites of the candy canes.

Now for Help Smile Another co-worker asked me to make her a card for the above coworkers wedding. I don't want them to be the same at all. So I'm thinking of using either one of these papers and either putting Vellum on top and putting Love in pretting script from opposites attract on top in the other color. So if I use the Red roses the lettering would be white ontop of the vellum and vice versa.

Is that a good idea? Anyone have a better idea or want to share wedding cards you've made?
here's the papers...sorry it's blurry

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I think it would be great. Sounds along these lines, but I think your ideas would be stunning...

At least here you can see the roses and vellum work, and adding love to it is a natural sort of thing.

Good luck.

As for tags... I don't like having all the tags the same unless I'm giving them to the same person so I'm guessing a mix of tags is a good idea.

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Cool tags!

As far as the background paper for the wedding card, I would choose the red. I think maybe the vellum would take away from the detail of the white. Maybe not though, I'm more of a tactile person so it's hard for me to imagine.

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Your card is great, and the tags are cool too! I agree that a variety of them is best. I am not sure on your friend's card, hope you get some better advice than mine. Smile

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I love how you did the flowers on the wedding card, and the tags are cool! Have you had much success with your etsy store?

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

I love how you did the flowers on the wedding card, and the tags are cool! Have you had much success with your etsy store?

I have it set up just nothing on it yet. I wanted to get cards made etc before I post it in my siggy.

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great stuff girl. Those tags are so cool Biggrin

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nice tags! I made similar ones just for personal gifts last year for Christmas. What size are they? I don't know whether to list them in groups of the same or different. I guess I would sell them in a pack of a few different ones. People could always contact you for a custom order if they wanted more/matching ones.

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I set the dial to 5" on my cricut (real dial size is off) I haven't exactly figured out that button but I guess that just means I should read the manual Smile

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Love you paer chices! That tying the knot paper is just perfect! I love how it turned out! As for cards I am no help there but I did make a lo on me and dh with the rose paper maybe you could get some inspo from it?? Let me see if I can find it Smile

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HOW could I have missed this post? That card is stunning! Love it!! The candy cane card is darling too. As for wedding cards I could share some, but I don't think I've ever done one with paper like that so I'm not sure I'd be much help?