Cards from this weekend and a ?

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Cards from this weekend and a ?

I almost hesitate to post these as some of them may end up as my exchange cards... I didn't get a whole lot done done at my crop, but I did a lot of stamping and cutting, so I just have to assemble. I have to design at least 2 more for mass production and I'd like to design some special cards, but it all depends on time. First I have to finish off gluing together the extra baby shower cards.

This was with one of my new stamp sets. I like the stamp, and have about 15 more sets stamped. I have them backed in brown already, but I think I want a new design for the rest of them.

My son picked this stamp out for me. Oh goodness, that boy is going to become a stamper. I had to get more baby paper last week, so I went after I picked him up from school. He had about 5 uses for every paper he saw, and kept begging to buy paper so we could make cards together. He also kept telling me I deserved something special for myself and picking out things. Too sweet.

This isn't too patriotic over Christmasy, is it?

Then these are two cards I just made when I got sick of the mass production of baby and Christmas cards.

My store lets you buy scrap paper by the pound. 1/2 pound is $1! The scraps are PERFECT for cards. The stickers I've had forever.

Now this one I need help with. This is what I have so far.

It's missing something, I know. I have this sticker and it works well, but it's so small. How do I fill in more of the orange space? Or does it not need it?

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Those Christmas cards are beautiful Michelle!!!! I wouldn't mind one tiny bit of those were the exchange cards. Wink LOL

Do you send out Thanksgiving cards? I was just gonna start a post about that. I love the colors on your Fall cards. I only send Thanksgiving cards to the immediate family members.

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I send them out if I get them made Charys. Honestly, I love fall colors and wish I could spend more time making fall cards. Christmas being right around the corner makes it hard to focus on them. I get lots of good ideas, and then get some cards made and usually never get them sent out in time!

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Those are beautiful!! I really love the fall one and I don't think it's missing anything at all. I like that it is simple.
I think it's really sweet that your son likes to make cards with you. Smile

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Those are great cards!

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So neat that your son thinks of you like that and likes making cards with you. I like the FALL one just like it is. They are all very nice.

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I like the simplicity of that last fall card too. I wouldn't worry about adding more Smile And those christmas cards are beautiful!

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Those are beautiful!!! Nice job!!!

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I love them but if you did want to add more on the last one... I would get a large pic or sticker of a maple leaf. Stick that behind the small sticker but put a square of vellum over it. If yo relly wanted to get crazy with it you could use leaf brads or letter breds to srell out fall and put the brads in the 4 corners to hold the vellum on. Sorry not too good at explaining in words.

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cool stamps!!!! I like your Christmas cards. I'm no help on the fall card, it's past my bedtime. Lol

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It is SO COOL that your son is into card making!

Your cards are all beautiful and the stamps are really well chosen. You (& your son) have a real eye for this work.

As for the fall card ... I like it with just the small sticker ... reminds me of a leaf blowing in the wind. If I were to add anything (& I'm more of a "less is more" kind of scrapper), I might add a few leaf cut outs at the bottom, but only a few.

Just my $0.02 worth. Regardless of what you choose, I'm sure it will be as beautiful as the rest.


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i gotta get working on my xmas cards...
those are great!