Caroling album (pic heavy)

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Caroling album (pic heavy)

My principal (you know... in teacher heaven Lol decided that with the start of the new school we would start a new tradition, caroling in the neighborhoods where our students live. We had a ball!!! I wanted to make her a scrapbook with the pics since this was our first year. I wish I wouldn't have bought an 8x8 album. At the time I was thinking it was good "coffee table" size and the one I bought closes up nicely. It's just so hard to fit alot on a page.

The pics aren't that great, its rainy today here. Hope none of my coworkers mind me posting their pic! :shock:

all of us

She got us a bus to ride on:

Our School resource Officer brought us all candles:

The bottom right corner is my principal... she's silly and fun!

Student house

We surprised the Director of Schools and stopped at his house:

We have the sweetest custodian that also doubles as Santa... who knew?


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what a cool idea for the caroling! and the album ROCKS! I simply can't pick a favorite page, they're all so great. and I love the tree at the end - what is that cut from?

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That is just the neatest book ever!
I love the whole thing! You did an awesome job!

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Oh my goodness! It sounds like you have the sweetest school EVER! What a great idea for the bus! I also love that Tree on the last page. I bet your principal will LOVE this album!

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That's so good!! What a wonderful thing to do, i love it! Biggrin

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TFS! Love it! I think my fave detail is the bottoms on the bottom of those pages. I never thought of that before! (of course I'm still a rookie!)

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Thanks girls! Didn't realize how bad the pics came out until I posted.

Gwen the tree is from the Christmas Noel Solutions cart. I love it too.

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that is just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kelly that rocks!! My faves are the snowman pages. I love the "No school today" the snowman is holding on the one page. LOL

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Wow girl!!! That will be the best present she got I bet. HOw cool! You did such a great job with such fun details on each page. TFS

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Kelly that turned out amazingly I love it and I'm sure everyone will. You really are so gifted. The pull the bus page is pretty funny, I love them all!

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AWESOMENESS!! :santasmiley: You rocked that mini! the principal will adore it! that page.

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This album is AWESOME Kelly!!! Love all the little details on each page.

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What a great tradition, and you scrapped it wonderfully!