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Catching up

I haven't had time to post since we got back from our trip. I've been crazy busy with fixing my classroom before surgery and getting things around here done too.

I made these things for a shower of a coworker and ended up lining up two more paid showers to do!!! The paid part is great, the bad thing is they needed them both this next week so I've been busy. Here's pics from the first shower.


my gift for her (everything was made to match the bedding)


name swags

These were for the cupcakes, we attached little thin straws to the backs of them

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Kelly can you come do mine? Tennessee isn't THAT far from MN, lol.

No wonder you are keeping busy those are all amazing.

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Those are awesome! How cool is it that you are getting paid back for your decorations? Those are really awesome. What cart has all the sports stuff?

Oh, and Andrea, MN really isn't all that far from TN. It's only a 15-16 hour drive. LOL

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wow.WOW. just wow. everything is amazing. you cant buy stuff this cool in stores!

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Wow! I love the nursery decor. So sweet! How awesome you're getting paid!

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Those are awesome! Great Job!

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Kelly, your work is awesome. I'm so glad you're getting paid for it, hope they're paying you a lot. I love your creativity and attention to detail. Can you share that with me? Wink