be cautious! (totally OT)

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be cautious! (totally OT)

of what you open up on your PCs!!! I received a forward with a trojan virus attached to it and that's what ended up crashing my PC. It was an "innocent" forward with lots of beautiful pics of various places in the world that you open up Microsoft Powerpoint to view. Unbeknownst to me (and the sender) it also contained an awful virus. Sad UGH UGH UGH I'm still without a PC and they are trying to save all the files on it. I really hope I didn't lose my pictures and files. Hopefully I'll have my PC back Monday! It feels horrible to not have a computer I tell ya!!!

Anyways, just wanted to spread an extra warning. I know we are all cautious about spam anyways, but sometimes it comes in all forms. Sad Geez, these stupid people creating this stuff need a LIFE!!

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that sucks! i really hope you're able to get your pictures and files ok!!

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Double UGH Charys!! I hope they can restore it all girl!

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wow that really bites. Sorry it happened and really hope you can everything recovered. Especially those pictures.

keeping my fingers crossed for you