Certifiably nuts? And some layouts (Pic heavy)

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Certifiably nuts? And some layouts (Pic heavy)

I think so. But happily nuts lol.

I've added another Creative Team to my list! I'm now creating for MScraps! I'm so freakin excited, that's where I spend 60% of my scrapping money (that I actually have to pay for).

I've also been busy scrapping this week, I think it's Scrap Therapy to take my mind off the ultrasound today ... so get ready for a whole bunch of pages!

I did have these linked for credits but it didn't post .... so if you want credits go to my gallery here. Also, I tried to use Flickr but can't figure out how to get the link to share them - help??

I Love You

PS I Love You - yes, same pictures ... love them, had to scrap them more than once lol.





Cherish Forever

Finally a Girl - my friends just had Baby#4 - a girl, finally! The first 3 are boys Smile

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come back!

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lol! Ok, I fixed it ... bizarre!

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these are great! i love the little ticket booth in the carousel one! and my most fave is the ecplise one because i loveeee-e twilight :). sadly, i have wait until it hits DVD before i can see ecplise. boooo. Sad oh, and i read all the books in a week too. ROFL

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Adorable, as always... since I stalk you other places, I've seen some of them. lol! I love the clustering on "howdy"

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Those first two are just amazing! Well they all are, but I sooo love those first two. Your work is so good girl. And you are crazy, but we still love you. Smile LOL JK!!

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okay, you ARE a nut joining another CT. but I'm glad it's one where you spend the money. Wink

I'm loving these layouts. My two favorites are Carousel (I'd love this as a template because the design ROCKS!) and Cherish Forever.