Challenge pg. inspired by Loida and Beckie. :)

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Challenge pg. inspired by Loida and Beckie. :)

I made this page for Kayson's adopted grandmother's birthday. She wanted one after seeing the other page I made. I love how Loida and Beckie both add whimsical elements to their pages a lot and wanted to try and recreate it on paper. Smile
So here's to them:

I had fun trying something new like this. Thanks Linda for getting me out of my box. Look forward to doing it again!

thank you Gwen for the tree cuts! They worked well here. The title is from Graphically Speaking, along with the sun and clouds.

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ahh you were inspired by me :oops: very nice! Smile i love it! love the sun and clouds and trees Biggrin i have yet to do something out of the box. I am actually working on something right now inspired by you Lol how funny. I'll post it later. Smile

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That sun rocks!

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awesome!!!!! Love this page!!!!!! and I love how you used the trees. Wink

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Love it! It's so cute!!! i love the trees!

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Can you fly out and teach me how to do all your very creative things?! Biggrin Love it as always!

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So different from your normal work Charys, but I really like it! Very sweet and simple.

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Cute, I love that sun! Such a whimsical LO.

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Looks great!!!

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I love the simple elegance of this page! It's adorable and I am sure it'll be treasured forever! Biggrin

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looks great! where did you buy your creativity? i need to go pick some up! ROFL