Challenge - Weekly Cleaning Schedule/To-Do List

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Challenge - Weekly Cleaning Schedule/To-Do List

Ok, ladies! I, obviously, got this idea from another pp. I thought what a great idea to have a weekly cleaning schedule to help me maintain my home a little better. So here's the challenge: Create your own weekly cleaning schedule for you, DH or your children. Be as creative as you can! Use your scrapbooking materials to create something unique, use pictures, use whatever you want! Make it fun so it will motivate you.

Have fun!!!

Deadline is Feb. 3rd.

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Biggrin I like this idea!

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Andie actually posted an awesome one she did last week. I have a great schedule, but won't be creating anything crafty with it (too behind on everything else I want to do). But that's a neat idea!

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OK here's mine!

I haven't added any chores yet, I have to figure out what i want to do when.

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That is a great schedule!

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very gorgeous

i really need to make one of these soon....

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I haven't decided yet if I want to use sheet protectors and use dry erase markers, so I can easily change it or write everything down on small cubes of paper and stick em on there.

At the bottom, on the left is an area for appt's and on the right, its for notes.

Close ups...