Changed my screen name

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Changed my screen name

but its still me. Charys got a kick out of my new name, you know I'm not girly!!! what a way to live incognito! ROFL

Gosh I have so many post to read and so much to do. Haven't forgotten about you guys. I'm stressed to the max right now. My classroom has to be done by Sunday b/c they are waxing the floors next week for open house and we are traveling to see little man this weekend again so I have two days to get it done, meet lawyer, and stress some more! Smile

Everything is going good so far, but I have terrible anxiety and I'm so afraid. I just pray that God will lift that fear from my heart.

I promise I'm working on the blog password deal so I can share more, just a little more patience. I'll have more time next week to catch that up and see what all you girls have done creative in the last few days.

I'm exhausted and I have curtains to make for my room tonight and for another teacher that did something for me in return- gotta go!

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Love your new screenname. Smile

I've been thinking of you. Best wishes on getting everything done.

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Love your new name! Don't worry about all the posts - we can wait (just not too long...). We'll be here when life settles down!

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I am still praying for you Kelly! LOVE the new name. Smile

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Great name! I will pray for strength for you to get through everything you need to, patience for working through the lawyer stuff, and calmness through it all.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

Love your new name! Don't worry about all the posts - we can wait (just not too long...). We'll be here when life settles down!

Agreed! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

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very cute screen name. Wink

I'm DYING for more details!!! I'm still praying for you, and praying that the fear and stress ease away.

I'm heading out of town, so won't be on the board again until Monday. hope for an update when I get back. have a great time with little man this weekend!

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I really like your new name! I think about you everyday, and you are still in our prayers. You sound really busy, for me that is good when I want to try not to stress about something. Wink Have fun setting up your room. That was one of my favorite things when I was a teacher. Other than the kids of course.

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Love the name, it's so you, but not you.

And try to relax. Everything is going to be okay. We're praying.