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Charlotte's Announcement

I think it's a very cute pic, i would have rather had a professional pic but we can't afford them right now.

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I think the picture is perfect. We haven't been able to afford the professional ones either!

The announcement is beautiful. Smile

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Awww very nice! I don't see anything wrong with the pictures its cute

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awww Biggrin very nice Liz

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Adorable Liz!!!

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Very cute!

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I think its beautiful. It is a very cute picture.

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LOVE it!!

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Very cute picture! And I love the font for the writing, very nice.

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It's adorable!
We never do professional pics. We did the old fashioned ones right after DS was born and spent way too much money! It was fun, but we definitely won't make a habit out of it:)

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I commented on facebook, but I love it!

and you don't need a professional picture, this one is so much better!

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That is so adorable Smile