Charys, you're in my dreams!

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Charys, you're in my dreams!

Last night I had a dream that something happened in my life (not sure what) but apparently you nice ladies had taken up an offer for me... some girl named Melissa (not sure who the heck that is!) was in charge of collecting the money. Well, you gave her $2 for the cause but she never told you that she had given it to me, so you showed up at my house! (You also were from Florida by the way!) All my friends kept pronouncing your name "Sher-eece" and I kept telling them that they were wrong but they didn't listen. So anyways, I wanted to show you my church, but someone took off with my car and by the time I got it back, church was over. That's all I remember... very weird! When I woke up I tried to remember as much as I could so I could tell you.... and of course, like most of my dreams, they don't make any sense!! ROFL

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Sounds like one of my disjointed dreams!

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Smile SOunds like something I would dream. I wonder the meaning? Thanks for sharing though!!