Cheaper alternatives to the cricut?

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Cheaper alternatives to the cricut?

Besides being completely envious of those of you with cricuts, I've come to the conclusion that I will not be able to spend the money for one. So now it's time to look for cheaper alternatives.

Who has had any experience with some of the other cutters out there: Xyron Personal Cutting System, Cuttlebug, Sizzix? Anyone have any suggestions, recommendations or thoughts on these?

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i don't have recomendations, but i have been looking at the cuttlebug for over a year now. but every time i save the money to buy it...something comes up. Sad I would love to see if anyone else has any input on cheaper cutters.

I know that some scrapbooking stores offer thier machines for a low price an hour or when you buy something. but it can be a pain in the bum to go down to the store and spend that time...especially if you have little ones.

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My only recommendation is ebay. I can find some pretty good deals there. I got my Sizzix machine for a good deal there along w/ lots of embellishments.

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Honestly I have waited 2 years for the Cricut. I had been looking at quikutz and sizzix but when I added how much the alphabets and the individual shapes were going to cost, the cricut seemed more suitable for what I wanted. Ebay does seem the way to go.

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I have the Sizzix ... and it's expensive just to get ONE alphabet. They sell it in upper case, lower case, numbers, and punctuation. Full price for all four is about $400. Even with the half price coupons, that's still $200. The Sizzlets are cute, but I find they're harder to cut. And I've neglected my Sizzix since I got my Cricut - I tend to only use it to cut chipboard now.

I don't have experience with any other cutters ... but I think the Cricut is worth every dime.