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Check this out

I know with this economy I've been trying to find ways to bring in some extra cash here and there. Well a friend referred this website to me called Swagbucks. I figured I would give it a shot and have now earned my THIRD $5 Amazon gift card in ONE WEEK. You can combine all the gift card codes into one so that's some great scrapbooking money on Amazon right there. You can also get gift cards for other places and other prizes as well.

Basically all you have to do is use their search engine (which is powered by Google and very similar to Google). I use their search engine to logon to sites I use everyday like facebook,, and gmail. Then I get swagbucks for those things. They also periodically release swagcodes worth bucks too. There is also a referral matching program.

So if you are at all interested please click the banner below.... if you got this far THANKS for reading.
Search & Win

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Yep I'm on this too. I think Gwen referred me. I don't earn gift cards as quickly as you seem too but it has helped me buy Cricut cartridges. Biggrin

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I'm saving up for the $25 giftcard, it's less points than if you get 5 $5 cards ... Wink I use it all of the time for my searching now.

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Hmmmmm....interesting. What is the advantage to them? Do they want to be a bigger search engine than google or something???

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INTERESTING! I bet I can't do this at work, but I wish I had the net at home!