Check out my new "space"

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Check out my new "space"

I used to have an entire room for my scrapbook room but then I was thinking about it the other day, and it was kind of wasted space because I never scrapbook anymore. I know that I don't want to give it up because I think after the baby comes I'll have my mojo back. There is a closet in my scrapbook room so I moved ALL of my scrapbook stuff into the closet. I figure it's no more difficult to get to it this way then if it's scattered around the room. And now I can just shut the closet and hide it all!

The room is completely empty now besides my computer and desk where I'll be able to scrap when I feel like it. I plan to turn this room into a "toy room" after baby comes and we accumulate tons of toys (seems to happen easily!!). You can see into the livingroom and kitchen from this's right in our main living area. Eventually we'll have to move the toy room downstairs when baby #2 comes along but for now, it works...

Anyways, here's my new space!

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I like how organized it is, and it's so nice that you can hide it all when company comes. Hope you get your mojo back soon- you will have tons of pages to be scrapping soon!

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I think it looks great!!! I had all mine in a closet and loved that I could close the doors and it wasn't seen.

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You did a great job at organizing it all. Wanna come and help me! Wink I think it's a great idea!

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That's awesome that it's so clean and organized! I have all mine in our closet but I have to organize it and I have been putting that off.

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Wow, look at all that ribbon! LOL What a nice cozy place!!!

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It's a beautiful space. You have it so well-organized.

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Very organized - I am totally impressed!

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I'm jealous that you have so much stuff. I seriously need to build up my supply but first I need a bigger space.

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Oooh! I'm so envious! You are so organized, and that looks like such a lovely space!

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Wow, look at all that stuff you have. I'm impressed by your organization. Sounds like you did the best thing for your space.

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Wow, that's so lovely! My stuff is in a regular closet with one door, but it's sure nice to have a door on it LOL

When it becomes the toy room as well, invest in one of these and your ribbon will be safe Wink