Checking in and a little bad news

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Checking in and a little bad news

Hey everyone. First off I miss you all. My internet has been down but will be back up on Wed. Dh's boss was having some problems and could not make last payroll so we were 2,000 short! Everything is better now and his boss is able to pay everyone this tuesday so thank heavens cause I really need my internet back on!

Some really sad news I almost lost my sister. Remember the pic of the one that I am really close with. She looks like my twin. Well her dh found her almost passed out on the floor and rushed her to the hospital. Turns out she was 3 months pg and never knew it! She lost the baby and had to have a blood transfusion and surgery to save her life! I lost it this is not only my favorite sister but my best friend in the whole world! I was with her at the hospital and she is now out and doing better. This is the sister that just had a baby about 6 months ago. I just thank god that she has 5 kids and they are done cause I could not take losing her. The sad thing is she had to stop nursing while in the hospital. We were just together yesterday and I felt so bad nursing Damien in front of her. I tried to give him a sippy all day. Well you all know I had to scrap how thankful I am to have her here right! I will show you all on wed when I get my internet back. I also did 2 more pages and submitted 5!!!
Things like this make me not get stressed about the little things.

Some good news, my ex agreed to let me have FULL placement of my Anthony!!!!!!!!! We still have joint custody but rather than having him half the time he is now by me almost all the time and goes by his dad every other weekend. He is thrilled and even spoke up to his dad and told him that this is what he wanted. So now I have even more time with him and my heart is filled where there once was that empty spot!

I miss you all and can't wait to get my internet back. I also got this pic of dh in my scrapbook room on my green chair with his feet up on the polka dot one LOL! I have to do a page like ''see, I told you that you would like it'' lol! Be back soon and to the gals who pmed me I wrote you all back Smile Tia

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Oh honey, i am so sorry to hear about your sister. How awful for her! She must be feeling a real mix of emotions - having discovered she was pregnant and that the baby was gone all at the same time. Sad I am looking forward to seeing your LO of her.

That's excellent news about Anthony! I bet you're over the moon! Biggrin

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Very sorry to hear about your sister, that would be so scary! I hope she recovers (mentally and physically) quickly! We miss you around here!

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I was thinking the other day where's Tia...but I thought maybe you were busy with Jazz's modeling. But I'm sorry to hear your internet is down and that you almost lost your sister. Very glad to hear that she is doing better.

Great news about Anthony! Can't wait to see all the pages you've done!

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Wow, I'm so sorry about your sis! That sounds so scary. I'm thrilled to hear that she is doing okay and all.

We can't wait to have you back with internet again.

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How scary about your sister! I'm glad she's okay! I hope life settles down for you soon and you can come hang out with us more! Biggrin

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I feel so bad for your sister! (and you) I can totally relate about having a sister that's your best friend. I don't know what I'd do if something ever happened to Sarah. How scary. I will say a prayer that she recovers quickly. I was thinking about you a lot lately. I figured Jazz must've had you tied up with modeling jobs right and left, so I thought I'd leave you alone. Wink Infact, Scott, Kayson and I had a big water fight in our yard this afternoon and it reminded me of you again. Our families would have a blast together. Smile
That's great news about Anthony!!!!!! So happy for you!!! YAY!!!

And can't wait for your internet to come back too...that stinks. We've been so close to cutting our internet off this year it's not even funny. Everytime we do, I cut back on something else. it's the last thing I will get rid of. lol. we have NO TV, no homephone, etc. but I will have my internet. haha

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Hahaha sound like me!! Take away my food, but not my computer!!

Tia, me and my sisters are not even that close, but I would still be devastated if I lost one of them, so I can totally imagine what it would be like if we were closer. I am glad to hear she is doing okay.

The news about Anthony is AMAZING!! I bet you are over the moon having him there full time!! Congrats!! And yes, please share your LOs and your cute DH with us. Smile

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Your poor family...oh my goodness. I am so sorry about your sister and the baby hun. We're here for whatever you need :bigarmhug: I'll be praying for you guys

I am really happy about your news with Anthony though. That is terrific :D:bigarmhug:

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I'm glad you had some good news to balance out the bad! Hope your sister recovers quickly! Congrats on the custody of Anthony!

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Oh goodness! That is really scary about your sister!

What wonderful news about Anthony though!

I'm glad you're finally going to get paid on Tuesday. That really stinks that your bills had to get messed up just because hubby's employer didn't have the money.

Charys- We don't have cable either and only get in PBS. We have to have cell phones because of how remote we are, but have no texting and are on the lowest plan. The only reason we have a land line is because the church pays for it so members can call us. Sometimes the art of looking at our priorities really helps us to savor what we have all the more.

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I was wondering about you Tia. I'm sorry about your sister, that must have been incredibly scary. How amazing about Anthony though, you must be over the moon!

Can't wait to see some more of your stuff girl. Lucky for me internet is one thing we can't cut back on ever bc it is important for both DH and I for work.

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that's crazy about the money. glad you're getting it though so you can get back online. and how scary about your sister! I'm so glad she's okay, but that's so sad that she lost the baby. can't wait to see the layout with DH in your room. Wink