Chipboard buckets at walmart *updated with pics*

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Chipboard buckets at walmart *updated with pics*

I just came from walmart and they have these for $14.97!!

its a $25 value and has 1,000+ pieces!!

woohoo I LOVE chipboard and can't wait to open it up and see whats inside,
go check your local walmart--I'm pretty sure its failry new, because I'm in walmart all the time and its the first time I've seen it

just thougt I'd share Smile

here's a couple of pictures--sorry so dark and only two--my batteries died Sad

a little sampling

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Do you have a pic of what it looks like or what's in it? That would be great.

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wow i was just in walmart on wednesday looking at their scrapbooking stuff and only found little packs of chipboard. i think i'm hitting up the walmart by my parents on sunday so i'll have to check theirs

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That sounds awesome! I go to San Angelo on Tuesday, so I'll be sure to head to the supercenter!

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I go to walmart ALL the time too (everytime I always check the scrapbooking section).. i noticed that chipboard bucket the other day! IT looks awesome!!! I was thinking about getting it (i've never used chipboard before.. but i thought the price was great!) I may buy it anyways...

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Ours has had them for about 2 weeks now and I keep passing them up, I already have a ton of chipboard and always forget to use it.

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I like what I see! I went to our walmart today and didn't see them. I'll keep checking. Smile

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I seriously doubt ours has it, but I WILL check! TFS!

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How cool is that!

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I checked my Walmart last night and they didn't have it. But I will keep checking!

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so i didn't get to check the walmart by my parents but i'm going to ours today to check to see if they got it in since last week and i'm putting a call into my mom to have her check theirs and see if she spots any other cool scrapbooking stuff. ****Crossing my fingers***