Christmas Card sayings?

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Christmas Card sayings?

Anyone want to share sayings for Christmas cards? I'm thinking of designing my own and need suggestions for phrases.

One I saw at a craft fair - "Merry Fitness & Happy New Rear" ... thought that was funny.

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LOL! That is FUNNY! What a neat idea for a thread! I'll have to think of some and come back to post them.

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Lol I hate to say it, but I was simple - Merry Christmas 2008 with our names, etc.

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Well, we can get some of the obvious ones out of the way

Merry Christmas
Seasons Greetings
Warm Wishes
Happy Holidays

You can also quote a Christmas song ...
ex. the front can say "May your days be merry and bright" and the inside say, "and may all your Christmas's be white."

You can also go the reglious route if that suits you.

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ROFL @ the one you saw! That's too funny!

I am going simple. This is the first year I have made my own. I usually just buy them. I am making mine as simple as possible b/c of the amount I go through. I am using one of my stamps with a verse on it (this one) for the inside, and putting a little piece of paper on the inside that matches the paper outside.

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that's hilarious!!! We went really simple this year too...just Merry Christmas on the inside.

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I looked on Etsy:

"Wishing you and your family a bright and beautiful Christmas!"
"Wishing you much love and joy this holiday season"

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That was great!! Lol

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TOOO FUNNY!! That cracks me up!