Christmas Crafts

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Christmas Crafts

Sharing some things I have made recently...
Door hanger decoration:

Christmas stocking:

Cards (got the idea from the Cricut message boards):

A group of friends of mine is doing a cards only exchange, so I made them special ones other than the photo cards I made for other family/friends. They are pretty simple and plain, but I didn't want to go overboard with needing to make 20. In hindsight, I would have drawn the string before sticking on the bulbs...some of them turned out kinda goofy looking (IMO). The inside says "Happy Holidays. Love, Lauren, Jason, and Nathan" on white paper, matted on one of the shiny metallic colors from the bulbs on the front.

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cute! Smile i like the stocking.

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very very cute love the cards and the door hanger.

is the stocking for you?

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well I was making the stocking for a friend's son, but the pattern was smaller than I anticipated. So I made my own pattern (based on the original) that was bigger. I have that one listed on my Etsy site. If it doesn't sell there I might give it to a family member. I am just now finishing the re-do of the stocking for my friend's son. Then, I have red and white fleece and some cool buttons/embellishments to make stockings for DH, DS and me. Now that I have my pattern and system down, they should go quickly.

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I really like the stocking, and the lights on the card are a great idea!

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How neat! TFS

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I LOVE that stocking! Really super cute. It looks like an elf stocking! The christmas lights card is really neat.

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THose are all great.

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I really like your door hanger! What cute idea! The stocking is just too cute! TFS!

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First, I thought I'd replied to this already! :confused: Hmmmm....

anyways, You sewed that stocking? I love it!! That design is what I looked everywhere for to find DH and mine's stockings and I never found one like it for Kayson last year. Soooo cute! And I love the greeting card with the light bulbs.