Christmas in July

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Christmas in July

It's that time of year again. Time for me to go to my local scrapbook shop for their annual "Christmas in July" card class. Now usually I make the cards pretty much as is and then use the inspiration to design a few of my own. Well my friend and I weren't digging the originals so much this year.... so all of these cards come heavily edited from their originals. Obviously, we stayed with the same colors... we just swapped out stamps and ultimate positioning a LOT.

So without further ado.... 5 designs to get you thinking about Christmas.

The first card we made... and the only one we didn't alter in some way.

From what I've been told, the christmas bulbs are cricuted. Stamp is on the vellum. Freehanded the light string with a sharpie.

Second Card we did. This was the original.

Here is ours- she was out of square stickers by the time we got to class.

3rd Card. Only swapped out the picture on the chipboard and the sentiment. LOVE this card. I'm planning on making a batch of these, and cut out the designs on two different colors of blue.

Oh shoot... I can't remember what cart this was..... I remember you had to hit shadow, shift and then the number 2 for the corner swirl and the number I for the "flower".

4th Card

Took out santa and made it more religious.

And the last one... I still need to add a stamped image to the white rectangle.

Thinking of making this one too in a few different papers I have, but same color scheme. I'm really loving the blue with the red and green.

Thanks to the class, I'm getting motivated to card make again! Yay! Now I just need to clean off my scrap area which has become a junk catch all lately.

Thanks for looking!

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Awesome cards! What lss did you go to? My store was also doing Christmas in July Smile Just wondering if you were back in Wi?

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Nope, I'm in Iowa. I've taken Michelle's class for the last 4 years. (Yes, my scrapbooking store lady is named Michelle also!)

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Those cards are great. I love the first one the best. It is so pretty, yet simple. Smile I like simple. Great work!

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I think those are great. My personal fave is the light bulb one. So neat! I can't imagine making as many x-mas cards as you...I bow to you on that one. Smile I would LOVE to do a card class...I may have to look into this in my area. TFS with us!

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I'm going to make some of these tonight. Tomorrow I get to go shopping in Mankato and will stop at Hobby Lobby. I'm thinking of splurging on one or 2 DCWV packs I've been loving (Rustic and Garden Party). Not that I need that much paper... but so much prettiness.

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Great cards!

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Very cool cards!

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That is a really great idea, to start doing Christmas cards in July! They're all great, I like hte first one especially.

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very cute! I should start working on Christmas stuff now...I am backlogged with crafts and scrapping, though. I actually did a string of light bulbs for some of my Christmas cards last year (lifted it from the cricut boards)

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I like the blue with red too. The lights are cute, what a great cricut cut. Way to go on getting some done early Smile

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Why do I not have a reply on here? I guess I kept clicking back on this thread, thinking I've already replied. Guess I was too busy admiring. Wink My favorite is the first! I have been wanting to use that cut on a card and can't wait to try it now.

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I like them all! I can't believe it's time to start thinking about Christmas cards already! :eek: I guess i'd better get my bum into gear!

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I don't know how I missed this thread! These are great, Michelle. I love what you did with them. Your favorite is also my favorite. And I wouldn't have thought to stamp on vellum. Don't know why, just wouldn't have thought of that. Definitely need to do that.