Christmas layouts

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Christmas layouts

I think I'm done with Christmas scrapping, whoo hoo! Now I can resume catching up on the rest of 2009. Wink

This is the first layout I have done with Photoshop (CS4). Rich got me the software for Christmas, and I have a big learning curve. The other two layouts were done with Elements 7, which I am so much more comfortable with. But Rich gave me a hard time for not using my new (and expensive) software, so I had to break it in with a layout. Smile

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning

Christmas Day

Christmas 2009 v2

All of the papers/embellishments came from Christmas Charm (I modified the colors on some though). The first layout is from a template and the second two used templates from another blog.

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I'm jealous that you are done Christmas scrapping! The LOs look great. Thanks for sharing the links to the templates - I was wanting to lift your style on that last one (great for lots of pics) and then saw the link. Smile

Oooh. And thanks for reminding me that I wanted to go download those kits, too. I got the newsletter the other day...

Hurray for hubbies getting good gifts! Trina is great with PS help and she's given me links to some good youtube tutorials if you ever need help. Smile

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I love them especially the first one. Lucky you to have all those done. I am on a major backlog. Your tree is gorgeous!

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these look great. I can not believe you are finished with your Christmas scrapping. I don't even have pics printed, or even edited to print yet!

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Wow I will be lucky to get this Christmas done by next Christmas LOL

I love the last one I may have to put that in my scraplift folder.

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OMG I have not even thought of christmas pages yet! Gwen can you take a bad pic? You always look so pretty in all of the pics of you. That must be where Jordan get it's from with being SO photogenic. I am glad you posted a pic with Natalie in the tutu. Could I buy one from you in black??? I want a fluffy tutu for Jazz in black or midnight blue and want to spend around 25 to 30.00 or is that too cheap? I have no clue how much material costs??? Either way no pressure if you can't. Love the pages!!!

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Gosh girl, can you send some super powers to me? Pleeease?!? You are amazing. I love these! And love that you got these all done so quickly. My fave is the second page....great design and journaling to match the photos.

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Those are amazing! I love how you fit some nay pictures on them.

Ummm...I don't even have Christmas 2007 scrapped yet:oops:

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lol Lena Smile

Gwen I second you being amazing! You have so many talents!

I love the third page best Biggrin

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They turned out great! Way to go on getting them done. I'm still working on Thanksgiving Lol

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Those all turned out great. I love the "crisp precision" look of digital. I often think about starting it but I just like dirtying my hands.

The 2nd is my fav!

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Great LOs Gwen. I love the last the most, but they're all great. And I agree with PP, your tree is gorgeous!

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I can't believe you've already scrapped Christmas! I love how you included a pic of each of the kids w/their gifts in the first one/ The photo of the mess of the gifts on Christmas morning was a great idea, too!

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I really love what you did with all of the LOs! I will have to stick these in my scraplift folder as I need to know how to fit a ton of pics on one page. I never thought to take a pic of the mess in the livingroom, I really wish I would have!

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Done Christmas scrapping already? Wow! I haven't started LOL Great pages, love that you have a new program too - I'm saving up for CS 4