Christmas Pictures (pic heavy XP)

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Christmas Pictures (pic heavy XP)

If you are a facebook friend, you've probably seen these pictures, but I want to share them anyway Smile

Well, it's been a crazy week of Christmas for us!

Christmas Eve - Eve (Dec 23) the high was 76 and we played outside

That evening, a storm and front blew in

Christmas Eve night we had snow! We woke up to a white Christmas morning

Santa visited our house and left the girls some crazy toys!

Christmas morning we had a toy explosion

We packed up and headed out to my parents house (5 hour drive) when the girls woke up from their morning nap. We had a good evening with them and the next morning my mom's family came over for Christmas. It was a full house!

That evening we went out to take some pictures with my brother, sister, and I. We're going to blow some of them up and frame them for my parents' 35th anniversary (it was at the beginning of the month)

On Sunday we went to my Aunt's house and had Christmas with my dad's family.

The cowboys won, so it was a good Christmas! ROFL Thanks for looking at my pictures. I hope you enjoyed!

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Looks like a wonderful Christmas!!! Your girls are so cute!

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Lovely pictures!! Looks like everyone had a brilliant time. Smile

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what a very full Christmas! looks like you had an awesome time. I can't believe you had temps in the 70s followed by snow, wild!!!!

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LOVE that pic of you and Scout (for the anniversary), the rest are great too!

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Gotta love living in Texas huh?! LOL!! Smile
thank you for sharing these with us! Looks like a WONDERFUL Christmas! You and your siblings look so much alike.

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crazy weather change!! And yet we, who live on the west coast of Canada, have only have one day of snow!!

I love all your pictures. Your girls are too cute Biggrin