Christmas Projects

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Christmas Projects

So are you making any craft items for Christmas/Holiday presents? If so what are you making? and do you care to share a picture or two?

I am making Calendars for all the grand and great grandparents and then other things for the rest of the family. It is a homemade Christmas this year. I started on the calendars and only have a few things done. I am doing them 8x8. Here are a few that I have already completed:

I made 4 of these:

And two of these:

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oooo fun!! i still am looking for some projects for Xmas as well... so i cant wait to see what other people have to show!! Biggrin

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Thanks for posting this! I am looking for some ideas for things to make and I was just thinking the other day that we should start one thread with all kinds of gift ideas. I can't wait to see what everyone is up to!

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after seeing a thread about Christmas projects/presents on the Cricut MB's, I got inspired.

* For me, DH, and DS, I am finishing the stockings I started last year. They are all sewed, but I have to add initials and other emebllies...they are almost done. I will post a pic later this weekend.

* my sister is getting a scrapped recipe book and a box to keep ornaments in (I put paper on the box and will add words, cricut cuts, etc. and coat with Mod Podge)

* My parents are getting a couple plaques with the family name and different themes for different seasons. Someone on the cricut MB's posted a snowman one. It is an unfinished wood plaque that I am going to use Mod Podge to add paper, shapes, etc. I might make one for ILs too.

* My mom and both my grandmas are getting note card sets.

Phew, I think that is it...I have a list somewhere to remember what I need to make/buy for people. I will definitely post pics as I finish stuff.

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I just posted a pic of the explosion box I did for my friend...I have a list going too.

For my parents I am making an accordian album of our trip to Florida together this year.

For my inlaws I am making a Grandparents LO.

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I posted a picture of the canvas photo frame and the 2 magnetic boards I made.

I'm making one of these for each of my kids. I'll have pictures of my version December 6th (as that's when I'll make them). They're I-spy bags....

I'm also hoping to finish up two quilt block pictures I have. One is almost done. (It's that foam core stuff cut into a shape and you cut fabric pieces and using a knife push the fabric into the foam. I have a nativity one almost done and a wise men one to do.)

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Okay those I-spy bags are just AWESOME. I wish I had a sewing machine.

I bought these clear glass ornaments at the craft store. I am going to put paint in some, maybe some ribbon in others, or other stuff. Then I am going to put 2009 on them and give one to each of the family members. I bought these cute chinese take out looking boxes that I will decorate for them.

I am also going to make things like a set of coasters with either the kids hand prints or pictures or just pretty paper on them. I have a lot to do.

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We made those I spy things but in an empty plastic bottle.
Just took a soda bottle and filled it with sand and stuff to find, then we put electric tape around the lid to keep it on. Great fun!

I am making table runners for all Dh's siblings and parents out of stuff from his Grandma's house. (She is now in a nursing home).

I made a paper wreath for MIL.

I think that is it for this year.

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my daughter's preschool class made the i-spy bottles out of water bottles and used a glue gun to glue the lids on. they're very cool - colored rice plus the hidden things.

I haven't thought about what I'm doing for Christmas and homemade yet. I need to get cracking, but I'm totally overwhelmed with everything else I'm doing. ugh.

Missy - great idea with the calendars!

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Great layouts Missy!

I haven't even started on a single project yet. Eyi yi yi! And I do plan on making everyone in the family and all my co-workers something, so I'm hoping for lots of inspo and ideas to start rolling in. Wink

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Charys (and anyone else) should check out the thread on the Cricut site (I think it is under Cricut crafts subforum)...people are posting links to project instructions and lists of stuff they are making. That is where I got all my inspo from. I bookmarked a TON of great ideas!

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I forgot to mention that I am making jewelry boxes for both of my girls. I just bought some small wooden boxes at the craft store, I am going to paint them, line them with maybe some batting and cute fabric and probably put their initials on it. I will post pictures once I am done.

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I am excited about starting mine. I want to go to antique stores and find some old neat plates. When I do, I plan on cutting out some vinyl and putting it on the plate for them to hang up. Some simple sayings like, "God Bless", "Country Living" and things like that. I got the idea from this.

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Those are both great! I'm making some exploding boxes for the women in my family, and tutus for the little girls I know.

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I make calendars every year. I scrap pictures of Andrea for each appropriate month and then print them throuigh Costco. I've finished scrapping through May so far. I'll share the first six months when I get June done.

I also want to make some hats and stuff, but having trouble getting motivated.

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We have quite a few things we're going to do homemade this year. DH published another edition of his magazine/book so he printed copies for his family. Along with that he's going to do some wire sculptures (a fisherman for his dad, a knight for his sister, a praying figure for his mom, and possibly a few others). I'm going to do some tshirt designs for a couple of gifts.

I need to order the supplies for a magnetic mosaic board for my nephew. Something like this:
I'll order some magnetic sheets and put some craft foam on it, then cut them into shapes/pieces. I hope it comes out like I want it to!

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"LMCH" wrote:

Charys (and anyone else) should check out the thread on the Cricut site (I think it is under Cricut crafts subforum)...people are posting links to project instructions and lists of stuff they are making. That is where I got all my inspo from. I bookmarked a TON of great ideas!

Can you post a link to this? I tried to find it with no luck. TIA! Smile

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