Christmas/Winter LO's

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Christmas/Winter LO's

I scanned all of these, so they may look digital, but they are really paper. Lol We celebrated our Christmas early, because we are going to be gone all weekend through Wednesday. So I wanted to get these done before we go, because my relatives want me to bring the scrapbook with me. I got these done in record timing.

I totally lifted this one from a girl on another board:

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look at you getting those done!!! they're great, the last one is my total favorite, love the layout and the look on his face. Wink and the story about the tree location cracked me up. great job! enjoy your time away.

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Wow! I can't believe you have those done already -- that's great!
I also LOVE the last one!! And your Cricut looks so fun!

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I LOVE your tree! I think it is so pretty, especially with the mirror near it! Biggrin

My favorite one is the last one. Is is just me, or does Kayson look so much older. I know you don't want to hear that, but he looks like a little boy, not so much a baby! Wink TFS! Well done getting them done so fast!

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Wow - those are gorgeous! I love the layout of the first one and the papers on the last one are awesome!

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those are great!!!

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Wow! The picture of the christmas tree looks like a painting!!! It looks so vintage! Great pages and great job getting them done so quick! Who knows when I'll get christmas pages done!

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Wow, you did a great job! I just love them! I can't believe you did them at the last minute. You are getting so fast.

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LOVE your pages!!!:D